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At Covenant Grove, we are always looking for new or improved ways to spread the name of Jesus. We want many tools in your hands because evangelism is not a one-size-fits-all. An invite card might work for some, but for others having an online event to share works better. Several months ago, the church staff and media team began building a new website as another "tool improvement project"- and the new site launched last week! We did not change the address (still, but the website is brand new. It's now aimed to be more mobile-friendly, with the hope that this will also make it more invite-friendly.

The big idea though was to make our website easier to navigate. We will do anything (other than sin) to share the name of Jesus with the world, but in a world where most first-contact happens online, what does our online presence say about our Savior? Do we have helpful reviews on map apps? Does our website give visitors a good idea of what to expect on our campus? Who are we, and more importantly, who is Jesus?

I'm excited about our website, but not just because it's shiny and new. I'm excited because this is a fresh way for all of us to share the Good News with others, and that is what we are all called to do!