Making the Most of Devotions

Devotions are meant to be a conversation – God speaks to you through His Word, and you talk to Him in prayer. The goal is not just to know the Bible – it is to grow closer to God. True spiritual maturity is a life transformed by Jesus. Make a commitment each day to ask for the Holy Spirit’s help to remember and live what you have learned.

These devotional thoughts are meant to help you understand God’s Word and how it applies to your life. A pen and journal are helpful to write out your thoughts and answers to the questions. Below is a simple structure to help you make the most of your devotions.

Begin with prayer, asking God to help you understand His Word.
Take a posture of listening to what God wants to teach you.

What are the verses about?
Read slowly and more than once. 
Pay attention to key words, phrases, or characters.

Why is this important?
Think about principles being taught and why they matter.
Understand what is revealed about God or human nature.

How can I live this in my life?
Find ways that the biblical principles can be applied into your life.
Create plans to live out what you have learned.

Respond to God based on what you have read.
Ask for God’s help to remember and live what He has taught you.

Audio Devotionals
People working with AI to increase the accessibility of the Gospel!

The Audio Devotionals are made in 3 steps:

      1. First we make a script based off of the pre-written devotional thoughts authored by our founding pastor, Scott Nelson.
      1. Second, we process the script through a text reader that generates an artificially intelligent voice called naturalReader. If you want to know more about the AI reader, CLICK HERE for the website.
      1. Then we use GarageBand to generate a soundtrack, produce it as an MP3, and upload this here.