What is the Building Hope Capital Initiative?

For the last four years, our church family has prayerfully sacrificed and given over $1.3 million (in addition to our General Fund giving) to expand facilities, plant churches, and give to missions projects. The pandemic didn’t stop this mighty work of God, though prices went up and timelines changed. We planted a church in 2021, sent out $20,000 to mission projects, and did $250,000 of facility projects on our own in 2022. Our church continues to grow, and we believe the Lord has asked us to expand our current facilities to reach more people and facilitate more ministry. This is Building Hope.

Prayer is the Plow. Pray first, and consider giving.
Not equal gifts but equal sacrifice.

It is a special opportunity to give to a big project, designed to make an eternal impact in people's lives. You can either give a one time or ongoing gift. One-time gift are helpful, and ongoing gifts are even better. Our goal is for all ages and income levels to participate — not equal gifts but equal sacrifice — so that together we live out the mission of Jesus.

 “The God of heaven will give us success. We, His servants, will rise up and build.” Nehemiah 2:20

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Expanding our indoor and outdoor ministry spaces

We have new set of conceptual plans (see below), and they give a great picture of the basic layout for new construction. We are working to refine these plans, fit them to budget, and get the next approvals from the county.

In 2022, we took it upon ourselves to work on our outdoor space - including a new playground for kids, a back patio, and expanded walkways. This hard work, overseen or done by the people of our church, saved an estimated $200,000 in costs.

Partnering with church planters

8% of all Building Hope funds go towards church planting. We have committed to giving $30,000 towards Radiant Covenant, planted in 2021 with Modesto Covenant Church. We are excited to be part of more church planting- additional funds mean MORE churches being planted, which means MORE people can be reached with Jesus!

Supporting local and global mission work

2% of Building Hope funds go towards mission projects. We sent out $20,000 in 2021-22, and we are honored to be able to send out more through future giving. See the graphic for the list of projects our Missions Team prayerfully decided to donate to so far!

How can I give?


Prayer moves mountains and our hearts closer to Jesus. Our number one goal for every person in our church is deeper prayer. Grab a prayer card and be faithful in daily prayer.


Everything we have is from our Father, and we can’t out-give God. It is an honor to give back to God’s work. Consider again all the Lord has given and what He is asking you to give.


This is a chance to give again to something that is bigger than ourselves and sacrificially give to the mission of Jesus. We have Pledge Cards available for those who want to join the many in our church (and beyond) who have made sacrificial pledges for this mighty work of the Lord.

Use the button below to give to the Building Hope Initiative.  Select “Give to Building Fund.”

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How to Pledge

Please follow the steps below to pledge to the Building Hope capital initiative. We love to see our church family coming together in devotion to the Lord!

Please email the church office at home@covenantgrove.org, using “New Building Hope Pledge” as the subject line. In the body of the email, include your first and last name, mailing address, and contact number. List your pledge amounts - whether you pledge a regular amount, one-time gift, or both, please let us know what you plan to give.

Use our online giving portal for either one-time donations or setting up recurring gifts. Click one of the “Give Now” buttons on our website to be taken to the Breeze portal. Use the drop-down menus to select the Building Hope fund, select the frequency of recurring giving, and whether your donations will be made by credit/debit card or ACH bank transfer. On the next page you will enter your account information. This is the page where you will see the option to cover the transaction fees (these are charged by processing companies, not Breeze or Covenant Grove).

If you wish to make any changes to your pledge in the future, you will need to create an account in Breeze. Contact the church office if you need help with this process.

Privacy Policy for Donations to Covenant Grove Church
  1. Covenant Grove Church does not store any information.
  2. Covenant Grove Church does not sell or otherwise share ANY of its donor information, including but not limited to giving records, to any person, organization or entity.

Our system is 100% secure and tested to ensure the safety of our giving.

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