Dial or text 988 for the National Suicide and Crisis Lifeline. Or click the button below to visit their website.

Visit 988 Lifeline Site


Dial 211 for help with community services, finding food, help with bills, or mental health referrals.

Care at Church

We are in a spiritual battle (2 Cor 10:3-5; Eph 6:10-20), and crises are part of our broken world. We care for people with the love of Jesus – compassionate, hope-filled, and pointing to His power. Only Jesus is the Great Healer – people cannot save people. We support others with authentic care and healthy boundaries. We care for people with the support of other Christians. We are not made to make it on our own. A church family provides connections and gatherings to find support.

It is important, especially with adults, that those needing help are in the “driver’s seat” for their care and support. We follow Jesus’ example and initiate love, but we do not force care, support, or accountability on people. We advocate for preventative care, healthy habits, and systems of support, both for ourselves and for others. Support is preventative and vital for a flourishing life. It is helpful to be prepared and have a plan for how to respond to crises, both in our own lives and for those we are serving. The resources below can help you do this.


Life Groups are the primary and ongoing area of care for people in our church. Life Groups provide ongoing relational and spiritual support, including accountability, help with overcoming temptation, and prayer. They also provide visits in the hospital, meals for 1-2 weeks, and help with basic needs. This draws the group together and helps them bear each other’s burdens (Gal 6:2).


No individual or group is a substitute for the larger body of Christ. Gathered worship and personal prayer and devotions are important to directly experience the presence of Christ. Ministry Teams can provide encouragement, camaraderie, and a sense of accomplishment.


  • Prayer Ministry and prayer list (email church office)

  • Care Ministry for those not in a Life Group (joining a Life Group for support will be encouraged)

  • Benevolence Funds (one-time up to $500) for financial needs

  • Financial counseling with financial experts

  • Pastoral counseling, one to three meetings maximum (no charge)

  • Referrals to professional help


Modesto Gospel Mission

Meals, shelter, and clothing

Salvation Army

Food, shelter, and referrals


Transportation services

CA Lifeline

Home and cell phone discounts

Alliance WorkNet Career Center

Job listings, workshops, resources

Central Valley Opportunity Center

Utility and food assistance, job training

Housing Authority

Low-cost housing

Community Housing and Shelter

Shelter and rental assistance
209-527-0444 and 209-527-0415 

Stanislaus County Programs

Medi-Cal, food stamps, general assistance
800-211-2224 or 209-558-2352

Center for Human Services

Counseling, MediCal and sliding scale

Golden Valley Health Centers

Low-cost medical services

Behavioral Health and Recovery Services

Mental health services for mental illness and substance abuse

Haven House

Counseling and help for women victims of domestic violence

Stanislaus Family Justice Center

One stop center for victims of abuse or domestic violence

First Step

Substance abuse services for women

Celebrate Recovery

12-step Christian recovery program

Redwood Family Center

Christian program for women with substance abuse issues

Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous

12-step recovery programs
aa.org, na.org

Doctor’s Behavioral Health Center

Psychiatric inpatient hospital

Medically Indigent Adult (MIA) Program

Low or no-cost medical services

St. Luke’s Family Practice

Low-cost medical services

O’Connor Woods

Full or half-day reprieve for those caring for the elderly

Center for Human Services Counseling

(MediCal and sliding scale)
209-526-1440, centerforhumanservices.org

Children’s Crisis Center

Crisis phone line, respite childcare
209-577-4413, childrenscrisiscenter.com

Early Start

Services for special needs
209-558-4118, ecf.net

California Healthy Families

Low-cost medical insurance
800-880-5305, benefits.gov/benefit/1596

Inter-Faith Ministries

Food and clothing
209-572-3117, interfaithmodesto.org

Modesto Gospel Mission

Meals, shelter and clothing
209-529-8259, modestogospelmission.org

Parent Resource Center

Parenting classes, mentoring
209-549-8193, prcfamilies.org

Salvation Army

Food, shelter and referrals
209-523-7577, modestocitadel.salvationarmy.org

Sierra Vista Children’s Center

Early intervention and ADHD clinic
209-523-4573, sierravistacares.org

Valley Mountain Regional Center

Services for developmental delay
209-529-2626, vmrc.org

Cindi Martin, LCSW at Wellspring Counseling

Christian counseling, for individuals, in Oakdale

Rebecca McMahon, LCSW

Christian counseling, accepts insurance

Michelle Corgiat, MFT


Christian counseling, individuals – including kids, teens, and adults, accepts insurance

Marty Villa, MA, MFT at Family Concern Counseling

(209-522-9568 x112)
Christian counseling for youth, families, and individuals, also addiction counseling

Kourtney Kauffman, MS, MFT at Family Concern Counseling

(209-522-9568, x122)
Christian counseling, marriage and family therapist, also meets with young people

Anissa Brown, NP at Community Psychiatry

Psychiatrist, accepts insurance

Support is preventative and vital for a flourishing life. We are not made to make it on our own. A church family provides connections and gatherings to find support.