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Why was I surprised when God answered my prayer? Jesus said that no father would give their child a snake when the child asked for a fish (Matt 7:10) - so why was I surprised to see His food on the table?

About three months ago the school district informed us that our church would no longer be able to rent the high school where our church is meeting. Since then we have looked at many possibilities - and they have all not worked for one reason or another - cost, time, logistics, location, etc.  About two weeks ago I said to God, "I am seriously over this rental search!" I didn't expect God to answer that prayer of frustration, but He did. I had been praying for God to open doors the whole three months, and I knew God would find us a place.  I just didn't expect Him to answer me in my state of being overwhelmed.

Less than a week after I prayed this overwhelmed and frustrated prayer, my wife Hannah had talked to principal, 6 teachers, and the janitor at Orchard Elementary School - all who said they would love to have us meet at their school and use their space. The doors are open; the prayer has been answered.  My faith has grown a lot through this - seeing how God not only wants to answer the prayers of the church, making sure we have a place to meet, but also that God cares about me as His child, and He hears my prayers of frustration, and will answer.

We need to continue to pray. Our church was started with prayer and dreaming. Prayer is the plow of the Kingdom, and we plant behind the plow. We need to continue to pray as we move forward. We still need approval from the Sylvan School District.  There is a lot of work to do - including figuring out seating, projectors, sound, lights, chairs, and storage. We will need to pray and work together to make a church happen - for God's glory and to reach out to people in our area who don't have a church family.

Pray.  God hears your prayers and will grow your trust.  God hears your cries and frustrations. Pray.

Pray for those the Lord is calling and our church wants to bring in to His family.

Pray for our church knowing the Lord hears and loves you.

Pray without ceasing.