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 Some of you reading the title are saying, "Duh! It totally needed it." It is true, the website we previously had was quite a bit out of date. We just launched our new website after putting in almost 100 hours into it. I especially want to thank Jill McDaniel and her team, in addition to everyone on staff. I hope you have checked it out and feel good about sharing it with your friends who don't go  church.  

Here are some other reasons we made this needed change:  

Attention to Audience

     Our new website is made for mobile and designed for people who have never been to our church. People visit a website before they watch or attend a service, and we wanted our digital "front door" to be as inviting as possible.  

A Whole Page on Jesus and Questions

     If you have been to the site, you can tell there is a huge focus on Jesus - just like there is in our church! The new website encourages people to ask questions, connect with people, and explore Jesus.

     There is a whole page that answers the tough questions people struggle with, in addition to pointing to a ton of resources, websites, videos, and podcasts. Check it out, use it as a resource, and point people to the page when they have questions or doubts.  

Simplified Navigation

     The navigation is new, mobile friendly, and simplified. The goal is to make it easy for a new person to find their way on the site. We cut about 40% of the content from the previous site to streamline the right information for people.  

Better Event Registration

     It is so easy to sign up for an event, and pay for it, through our new website. This is a feature we have long wanted that is now built in, and we love it. As we head into our next big event (Fight Hunger), sign up on the new website. You can even make a donation to help us pay for meals for starving children around the world.  

Jesus spoke in parables, using the analogies that people in His day would understand (Matt 13:34). We are still storytellers, using both physical and digital means to tell people about the hope of Jesus. We are pretty excited about the new website, and I hope you are too. If you haven't checked it out, go to Next up, we are working hard on the Covenant Grove Church APP for phones. Thanks for being part of spreading the Good News!     

In Christ,      Scott Nelson